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Team Awesome Response

Design based learning is combining pedagogy with technology to help transfer information to the student in a more understandable medium to create true understanding. It is not simply learning the newest and latest programs but working with them to create a design that would combine the knowledge of the system with the creativity and innovation built within the student. The basis of this system is not showing but having students work through the process together in order to work collaboratively. As we learn technology we use it to further our understanding our own subject matter. It provides open discussion between teachers and students in order to facilitate learning on both sides.

Learning By Design?

Our group discussed the fact that traditional learning of technology does not resemble what the regular classroom has looked like. The stand and deliver theory of teaching is not conducive to intrinsic understanding of the use of tech.
The article advocates a learning by design model which encourages trial and error, self exploration filled with successes and failures to be surmounted. This produces a teacher who is confident enough to introduce her students to a multi-tech approach to learning. This teacher will have a broader knowledge base for teaching with authentic representations.
The examples that were given, encouraged us to further our own exploration and application of tech in the classroom

Jaycee, Chris, Lisa & Ali's "Collaborative Statement"

Just as a teacher who wishes to excel in providing the best learning environment for their students must strive to be a lifelong learner, teacher's who aim at excellence must continue to immerse themselves and their students in current technology throughout their careers. This will entail an ongoing process that can never be fully realized, however, the pursuit of which is essential for modeling good digital citizenship for their students. The best way for them to do so is to simply "dive in" and show their students that the key is not knowing everything, but being willing to risk the challenges they may face as they attempt to use new strategies and tools.

Teachers Learning Tecnology By Design

The best way to learn technology is by applying it to real life situations. Learning seems to take place in small collaborative groups while working on projects while applying new technology as needed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Read any good books lately?

I am famous for buying books but seem to always have trouble finding time to read anything that is not related to research. A book that I am about half way through is The Future of Education [details to follow - I promise :0)]

How about you? Try posting a comment to this post to share what you've been reading of late.