Thursday, June 3, 2010

Learning by Design

I read this article after I had already started my projects for class because I obviously was not at class on Saturday, I was in Angels Camp, CA at Furthurfest. I would recommend that everyone go to the Calaveras County Campground once in their is completely gorgeous and is the site of the Jumping Frog Contest. Anyways, back to my summary of this article. I found this article interesting because I was frustrated with having to create and edit a video without any previous knowledge of this subject area. I just wanted directions or guidance, but once completing the task realized that I am my best teacher and need to find resources myself (which I did). I had my boyfriend Dan help teach me a few tricks and lets just say I learned a ton! I would have been happy with just a typical video with an intro and credits page, but what I ended up with was something much better, once I post it you will see what I am talking about. After doing this video it made me think of ways I can use videos for Math class and also have my students create videos or just take pictures of things with relation to the area of Math we are looking at. There is so much opportunity out there and I think we as educators have responsibility not only to ourselves, but also to our students, to be up on the latest technology and utilize it in the classroom.

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  1. I agree with Ashley that when I was working through my projects for next class I started to get into it and wanted to do more and more to make it more creative. My down fall was that I do not have the skills (or the time) to get things to work the way I wanted them to. This article really expressed that we have to just keep working on things and trying new techniques with technology to really become a master of them. In all of the graphic design and illustration classes I have ever taken all the teachers say you have to play with the programs on your own to figure out how things work. The teacher cannot just stand up an lecture about a tool because there are so many ways to get the same end result. It is by pushing our selves and continuing to try and learn about and use new technology that we will become comfortable with it and will be able to use it successfully in our classrooms.